Patient-based Registry

Asociación SYNGAP1 España

We are a group of families who have gone or are going through the challenges of living with a loved one with a severe condition called Syngap1, and we are here to share our experiences and support other families.

Our goal is to bring together families affected by SYNGAP1 condition in Spain.

  • To give visibility to the condition, and to raise funds for the research to find possible treatments.
  • Promote services and resources of all kinds to improve the quality of life of those affected by Syngap1.
  • Organize recreational activities for those affected and facilitate family respite.
  • Promote support and respite services for families.
  • Provide information and training on this disorder to family members, caregivers and professionals who intervene directly with affected persons.
  • Ensure the right to full social inclusion of affected patients.

Main contacts

Photo of Gemma Moratalla
Gemma Moratalla
Photo of Caroline Ribeiro de Almeida
Caroline Ribeiro de Almeida