Patient-based Registry

Neuway Pharma GmbH

NEUWAY has developed a proprietary drug delivery platform named EnPC® that enables the transport of different types of therapeutic agents across the blood-brain barrier into the cells of the CNS. The platform is based on a protein capsule whose free inner lumen can be filled with appropriate drugs. Over the years NEUWAY has developed a broad expertise in the production of the capsules including CMC as well as their drug loading. Internally, NEUWAY has focused primarily on the delivery of mRNA for the treatment of monogenetic defects in the field of rare CNS diseases.

Role within EURAS

Within the EURAS consortium, NEUWAY wants to use its EnPCs for the functional delivery of antisense oligonucleotides (ASOs). For this purpose, an appropriate packaging protocol must first be developed for packaging the ASO of interest with high efficiency. Once the packaging has been optimized, a suitable therapeutic ASO will be tested in cell culture and in animal experiments for its efficacy and safety for possible therapeutic application in patients.

Main contacts

Photo of Heiko Manninga
Heiko Manninga

Team Leader of NEUWAY Pharma

Photo of Marcus Stapf
Marcus Stapf

Head of packaging unit inside NEUWAY; here responsible for the optimization of the packaging protocol for ASO’s into EnPCs

Photo of Andre Steinecke
Andre Steinecke

Head of analytics at NEUWAY; here responsible for all the analytics regarding packaging and efficacy