Patient-based Registry

The University of Edinburgh

The Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences (CCBS) at the University of Edinburgh undertakes research in major neurological disorders. The Patrick Wild Centre aims to understand the neurological basis of and to test new therapies for monogenic forms of autism and intellectual disability, such as fragile X syndrome, SYNGAP1 haploinsufficiency and CDKL5 deficiency disorder. To achieve this, we use an integrated research programme that uses three linked model systems: mouse, rat and human. Simons Initiative for the Developing Brain (SIDB)’s fundamental research is guided by the philosophy that improving our understanding of the brain will lead to better therapeutic options for people with autism spectrum disorder. SIDB promotes interaction between basic scientists and clinicians to ensure our research is focused on medically relevant aspects of disease. Integrated fundamental and clinical research programmes are essential to deliver true transformation in translational neuroscience.

Role within EURAS

Investigate brain-wide synaptome mapping to identify disease signature and treatment effect in disease models. Distribution of SynGAP1 haploinsufficiency model mouse and synaptic reporter mouse lines.

Main contacts

Photo of Noboru Komiyama
Noboru Komiyama

Team Leader of the University of Edinburgh

Photo of Jennifer Dorrens
Jennifer Dorrens

Organisational Manager (deputy representative)