Patient-based Registry

Universitätsklinikum Erlangen

Universitätsklinikum Erlangen (UKER) comprises 43 departments and eight institutes comprehending every field of modern medicine. UKER has more than 9.500 employees. Together with the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Erlangen-Nürnberg it unites teaching, research and medical care at the highest standard. The central idea is to educate a new generation of clinicians and clinical researches within a multidisciplinary network of modern experimental and clinical research. Multiple coordinated research networks and consortia established at UKER deliver results to set standards for prevention, diagnostics and therapy. University hospital provide more than 1.300 beds. Every patient profits from the latest available treatment methods.

The Centre for Rare Diseases Erlangen (ZSEER) at UKER comprise multidisciplinary clinical expert team providing state-of-art care in diagnosis and therapy for patients suffering from previously unexplained symptoms and thus possibly affected by a rare disease. Clinical experts and numerous specialised clinical and basic research labs of ZSEER are integrated into national and international research networks. EURAS is one of them.

Role within EURAS

EURAS is coordinated by UKER. In the frame of EURAS, the team of UKER will contribute to

  1. molecular analysis of gene expressional networks that underly neurodevelopmental phenotypes in RASopathies,
  2. establishing new disease mouse model for CFC
  3. performing proof-of-concept preclinical trial for treatment of epilepsy and autistic behaviour in selected RASopathies.

Main contacts

Photo of Anna Fejtova
Anna Fejtova

Coordinator of EURAS, Team Leader of UKER, Work Package Leader of WP 1, Task leader

Photo of Eva-Maria Weiss
Eva-Maria Weiss

Postdoctoral Researcher

Photo of Yagiz Enes Akdas
Yagiz Enes Akdas

Postdoctoral Researcher, Stem cell modelling

Photo of Debarpan Guhathakurta
Debarpan Guhathakurta

Postdoctoral Researcher

Photo of Alexey Ponomarenko
Alexey Ponomarenko

Professor, Task leader

Photo of Marisa Karow
Marisa Karow

Professor, Task leader

Photo of Sven Falk
Sven Falk

Senior Researcher, Task co-leader

Photo of Christian Müller
Christian Müller

Professor, Task co-leader

Photo of Liubov Kalinichenko
Liubov Kalinichenko

Postdoctoral Researcher