Patient-based Registry

Centre national de la recherche scientifique CNRS

IINS is an institute related to both CNRS (French National Centre for Scientific Research) and the university of Bordeaux. IINS gathers scientists from diverse backgrounds, biology, physics, chemistry, to understand brain function in health and disease. We perform research at the forefront of synapse biology and physiology of neuronal systems, with an emphasis on the development of new technologies and tools.

Role within EURAS

Our group will be mainly implicated in the WP4 and WP5. The WP4 consists to the definition, at both cellular and physiological level, of the specific signature of the pathologies. We will mainly be responsible of the characterization of the modification by the pathologies of the nanoscale organization of the synapse constituents. In the work package 5, we will realize a screen of couple of hundred drugs, preliminary selected by the lab of Michael Courtney to determine if some of them are able to reverse the cellular phenotype induced by the pathologies.

Main contacts

Photo of Eric Hosy
Eric Hosy

Team Leader of IINS, Work Package Leader of WP 4